The Works of the Popwhore


This is finally and update to all my work … it´s not even half of it, but i had to output some work.

You can find the rest @ The Works of the Popwhore

Casual Popwhore

There is no finish line…
At least for me… Here´s some work i´ve been doing on some free time.
Am definitely going nuts on the 9 to 5, but it´s all worth it

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Popwhore´s Instagram

This is my instagram stream in which sometimes i upload work that hasn´t seen the light.

Check it out HERE

I have´t slacking all this time…I really haven´t!

Between the 9 to 5 (which some of you know i fkn LOVE) and the kid at home, sometimes it gets hard to sit down and start working.

But i do manage to do it, i just have to.

Andrew Hem

Delicious colour palettes and great technique makes Andrew´s work just pop out of the screen.
Check out his work at

Soon… i will get back

Trying to get back to posting again…

The Pool


Anne Charlotte Menegaux

love at first sight…

Anne´s work made an impression on me.

Had to share her work … Anne Charlotte Menegaux

Alix Malka

I love how an image can spark a single emotion in our brain.
I found that out by looking at a photo from Alix Malka. Am loving her style.
You can find out more about him HERE

The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

Fresh outta the oven… i love the song!!!

Drake – Over

Who the fuck are ya´ll… ? This song has been in my head over 2 weeks now… i won´t go away.

Kobe Bryant in “The Black Mamba”

Can you say: MVP… MVP!!

Mr Kone

He´s a good friend, who happens to be very very good at illustrating anything.

I´ve seen lot of his work float around the office and everytime i see a new piece, it just wows me.

Give props to Mr Kone and go check his work at

Follow the dude at

Touchy subject

The need to draw is not going away…

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